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Emmett Sparling Photo

Who are we?

We are a community of like-minded passionate world travellers. We are photographers, videographers, writers, models and artists who are always on the move to the next destination. We are passionate about exploring this world and our combined network has millions of viewers over various social media platforms. 

Behind the scenes, we have a team of experienced producers, advisors and project managers guiding our projects and helping to build our community in an even bigger and powerful way through arranging workshops, conferences and various meet ups in different locations around the world. 


We are enthusiastic about the planet and promoting sustainability wherever we travel to and have begun teaming up with like-minded charities and businesses to accomplish these goals. Our purpose behind our storytelling is to promote and create positive change in a world that needs this more than ever. 

We use our energy, our reach and the influential following we have established, to promote your brand or cause. We use all of our skills to tell a meaningful story that goes deeper than purely showing a good looking visual - we are inspired and dedicated to create ripple effects of change around the globe. 

Associate Influencers

This global traveling community is a fun, supportive group of highly talented storytellers.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with these and so many other amazing influencers.

Tiffanee Scorer
Founder and CEO

Having had the opportunity to spend time with many of Emmett's globetrotting friends, Tiffanee was inspired not only by their talent and drive, but especially by their passion to discover ways they can create positive change through their large network of followers.

Tiffanee has a large network in the film, business, social media, communications, non-profit, travel and tech industries and with these partners looks forward to facilitating youth engagement in showcasing positive social and environmental impact initiatives.

Tiffanee has had a diverse but always creative career, consulting with various innovative manufacturing companies, running her own photography, design and art studio, building a software company with her husband, and recently developing North America's first colour lab for the glass tile industry. She has spent years sitting on volunteer committees and school advisory boards, organizing large events, parties and fundraisers, and looking for any opportunity to think big and make something inspiring happen.

Emmett Sparling
Founder and Head
Content Creator

Emmett is excited to build a company that enables him to bring his large social media community together to make a positive impact in the world.


A sought after photographer and videographer, with a rapidly growing international network of high-profile clients, he advises both companies and content creators on how to get the most out of Instagram. He has created and participated in campaigns that have reached millions of engaged followers.

Emmett himself has built a large following on instagram of over 550K.



Behind the Scenes

Talented, motivated and inspiring people attract more of the same. We have a team of amazing creators, storytellers, producers, managers, advisors and partners making things happen. Let us introduce you to a few.

Mathilda de Villiers
Media Coordinator

Originally from South Africa, Mathilda moved to Vancouver in 2016 to pursue a new career in journalism.

Today, she is a published and award-winning journalist and photographer in the Canadian media. 

Her career has had many layers and she is self-taught in various skills, including social media management, design and hands-on project management. In her spare time she volunteers, passionate about helping others and creating positive change in the work that she does.




James Hursthouse
Business Advisor

James is a seasoned interactive and game tech entrepreneur, currently consulting with a select number of companies and organizations across mobile, mixed reality, infrastructure and blockchain. James has an extensive global network of contacts in multiple technology sectors.

James was formerly CEO at Roadhouse Interactive, and until recently he was the Executive Director at DigiBC - The Interactive & Digital Media Industry Association of BC, where he helped drive the mandate of the organization to support and grow the creative technology sector in BC.

Trevor Westerlund
Advisor and Connector

Trevor excels at leading creative, development and test teams to successful and profitable outcomes.
Over the past 25 years he has produced 3 television programs for G4 Tech TV International, and live events for IATA, the Prime Minister of Canada, and Starwood Hotels. He has worked with agencies like DDB, and for customers such as McDonalds, MTV International, and TELUS.

He has built digital products and marketing strategies with groups like HBO, Rogers Media, Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, the New York Knicks, Madison Square Garden, PostMedia, Oscar award winning Participant Media, City of Vancouver, City of Richmond, and the BC Government.

Isabella de Goeij
Social Media and Sales

A business management graduate graduate from the University of Alberta, Isabella also has a deep-rooted love for photography and videography, and has been creating ever since she was a small child. This creative passion, combined with her yearning for adventure, has allowed her to travel significantly, sharing experiences such as her adventures in India to her time documenting the Mayan education system in rural Guatemala.

Isabella is thrilled to be part of a greater movement and ready to help invoke positive change together with the TripLit team.

Caitlin Frost
Conference Facilitator
and Coach

Caitlin is a highly experienced process designer, facilitator and coach working globally with organizations, leaders, teams and individuals in both the non-profit and business sectors for more than 25 years. She brings a powerfully engaging and participatory approach to conference and process design and facilitation, helping groups and individuals connect to a deeper sense purpose, passion and excellence in their work, while building meaningful community. 

Caitlin is a sought after coach working with leaders, change makers, and anyone wanting to step more fully in their strengths, creativity, and full possibility in their work and lives.  She is moved to support people of all ages to bring the best of themselves to influence positive change in their lives, communities and for our planet.

Caitlin lives on Bowen Island BC with her family, and travels the world learning and working with amazing people. She is a principal at Harvest Moon Consultants Ltd.



Galen Scorer
New Media Advisor

Currently a Video Art Director at Electronic Arts. With over 18 years of experience in digital entertainment, technology, marketing, video games and film; Galen has worked with some of the world's greatest digital storytelling companies such as BioWare, EA, National Film Board of Canada, Canadian Film Centre and the Toronto International Film Festival. His award winning film, Invisible World, won a Webby and Rosie award for interactive film in 2018. 


Specialties: Interactive strategy, storytelling, film, creative technologist, digital entertainment, marketing. 

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